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    Why waste money on exorbitant monthly agency fees? You can spot purchase the important documents fully completed using our services.



    Tenancy Agreements

    Avoid the pitfalls of unfair terms that may render the agreement invalid; any clauses that seek to limit any lawful activity of your tenant in their home should be avoided and may also be held to be unlawful interference with family life.  There are also essential clauses required if you wish to end the tenancy before or after the end of the fixed-term We can offer safe drafting so that you avoid falling foul of legal technicalities.


    Notices to Quit
    Technically not Notices to Quit at all but legally prescribed documents required to seek possession of the property. Don't get them wrong! Since October 2015 these documents have become highly regulated. Get them wrong and you won't be able to end the tenancy; time limits on service, requirements of wording, pre-tenancy obligations which might negate your notice if not followed. We have the legal knowledge and expertise to help you avoid the pitfalls and can prepare these documents for you to make sure they are legally effective.


    Possession Claims-Court Documents
    Which court document do you use to evict your tenant? There are several, so make sure you choose the correct document to suit your claim. regaining possession of your property can be tricky if you choose the wrong one.

    Local Authorities

    ¬≠Homelessness Reviews-The UK Supreme Court has made some landmark rulings over the last year regarding Priority Need and Intentional Homelessness.  

    ­We have the time and make it our business to keep abreast of all these changes. We can help you make sure your review decisions are legally watertight.